Top 10 Film Production Houses of Hollywood

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10. The Weinstein Company 9. Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation 8. DreamWorks SKG 7. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 6. Paramount Pictures 5. Universal Studios 4. Walt Disney Pictures 3. Columbia Pictures 2. 20th Century Fox 1. Warner Bros

Film Consumption in the US

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This info graphic shows some of the movie researches from Cinema ABC 49 film survey. This is the largest look of film shoots activities and theater attendances in America.

15 Movies That Transformed US Cinema

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Top American directors and movie stars review Hollywood’s most powerful movies of all times.

Picking the Right Headband for Running

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Running with Headbands People with long hair really ought to go with headbands for running. Some people with long hair will just run with ponytails, which is one of the many reasons why ponytails are associated with being very sporty in the first place. However, feeling hair bounce around on one’s back isn’t entirely pleasant…

What to Look for in Fitness Headbands

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Every item that you purchase has a specific purpose, and you need to be careful when you are shopping so that you choose only items that will work out well for you. When you are considering all of the headbands for yoga that are out there and you are choosing one that is going to…

What Should Fitness Headbands Be All About?

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Fitness headbands are something that have been around for a very long time. They are the very thing that many athletes, as well as, everyday people do use for their own personal needs with regards to various things. What are these various things? They are no other than sports, exercise, and to look good and…

How to Purhase a Crimper

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When you are looking to add a crimper to your collection of tools – either for the first time or in addition to others that you have available – you want to make sure that the crimper tools that you pick out and purchase is one that is going to work out well for you….